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Making a house a home

This lovely home was renovated to update the finishes and spaces of the existing house; as well as the addition of new spaces. These spaces included a dining room and entrance way, extending the existing lounge / kitchen space and adding an en suite and additional space to the main bedroom. If you are going to be living in a house it is so important to make it a space you are truly comfortable in to make it really feel like home.
The house before the renovation
The existing house was beautiful with a real 'berg' feel. The aim was to try maintain the character of the house while adding new spaces and updating the finishes.
New formal entrance & dining room
The addition to this side of the house included creating a formal entrance with a library wall and dining room space. Externally the new addition followed the existing shape of the house and roof to keep construction simple and maintain the character of the house.
The house before the alterations
New garden facade
The existing veranda was filled in to create a more spacious living room. New external living space was created with a shaded pergola
Bedroom bay windows with pergola
Bay windows are a great way to add space to a bedroom and they give a space real character. The west facing windows are shaded with a timber pergola which will be planted with creepers
Formal entrance
Who doesn't dream of having a library wall and a reading window seat in their house? Being an architect, it is a real privilege to bring dreams into reality.
Extended & updated living area
As a family grows, living spaces start to feel smaller and smaller. The extended open living area gives the whole family space to play and relax.
Open and updated kitchen
One of the most effective ways to update a space is to covert a closed in kitchen to open plan. It is great to be with your guests and family while you are cooking rather than tucked away on your own. It is always a great idea to have a scullery or 'mess zone' , as we did in this house, so dirty dishes can be tucked away from the main entertainment area.
A big beautiful private space
The house was extended on this end to include additional space in the main bedroom and an en suite bathroom. Having an en suite master bedroom really adds value to both everyday life and your property's monetary value.
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